An interview for a university allows the student and university staff to get to know one another better so that each can make an informed choice.

At ER&M we have 5 Golden Rules that should lead you straight to interview success!

  • 1) Dress Appropriately
  • 2) Arrive in good time
  • 3) Body Language
  • 4) Expect the unexpected
  • 5) Ask questions

Courses that are likely to interview are shown in the table below.

Type of course Examples
Most likely Professional training degrees Dentistry, Social work, Primary education, Nursing
Possible Talent-based degrees Music, Acting, Art and design
You never know Sciences, Computing, Engineering
Least likely Humanities and Social science degrees English, Politics, History, Geography

There are a number of ways that the interviews can be structured, this will depend on the type of course you are applying for.

For instance for an Art based course you may be asked to submit a portfolio online or asked to bring it with you.

You may also do an interview on your own or with a group of people, it may also be a combination of both. This is a way for the interviewer to see how you interact with other people as well as to ask you questions on your own.

What to wear.

What to wear to an interview is probably the bit we find students stress about the most.

We have teamed up with Fashion Blogger Emma Jane Mooney to put together a combination of outfits that will suit every budget and occasion.

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