Postgraduate courses - Funding

The cost of a doctorate costs more than a master's, a MBA more than a PhD. Tuition fees range from around £4,900 a year to over £30,000.

Traditionally there is limited funding for postgraduate courses. However, you may be entitled to a student fee loan which is structured similar to that of an undergraduate course. You may also be eligible for a career development loan. What you are eligible to apply for will depend on your own personal circumstances.

In England a tuition fee loan structure is being introduced whereby students can apply for a loan up to £10,000 to cover the cost of tuition fees.

Other funding such as scholarships may be available for individual courses. The amount the scholarship is worth, how to apply and deadlines can usually be found on the university curse website or in the information booklets. There is also other funding available within the university such as hard ship funds.

Additional funding available may be through loans from a lender. If this is the route you will be going down budget all costs, then the amount you would like to borrow and then look in depth to the repayments and when they start to ensure you can afford it.

If you are ever concerned about finances speak to someone you feel safe discussing the matter with. There are advisors usually located in the student union or student support that you could arrange a meeting with for help and advice.

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