Result day

The day you receive your results can make you feel a number of things ranging from excited to stressed and everything in-between! The important to thing to remember is that despite the outcome you will still get to where you want to be!

Hopefully you will get the exam grades you need but sometimes the university or college might accept you if you don’t.

When you receive your results make sure you check the applications you have applied for to see if they have been updated and take it from there. You will only have a certain period of time to confirm your course choice. Some applications may require you to forward on a copy of your results but you will already be made aware of this when you are applying.

If you don’t do so well…

If you do not do so well, try not to worry. There is more than one way to get to a destination. If you have just missed a grade you may be able to re-sit the exam or get it remarked. Alternatively people also look at other routes such as a studying at a college or doing a foundation degree first. You may be able to apply to the same course at a different university if there is places still available.

In the UK this is done through ‘Clearance’. Universities run a Clearance outline that you can call for help and advice.

If you’ve got a place…

Congratulations! Accept any offers that you have received from a university as promptly as possible.

Make sure you have made any changes necessary to student finance applications and have applied for accommodation if it is available on campus.

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