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The Application process for the Republic of Ireland can only be explained as straight forward in comparison to other applications processes.

What CAO requires and by when is made very clear with the website having reminders on its homepage.

You can apply via paper or online both of which can be retrieved from the main CAO website www.cao.ie. There is a mock application online you can complete/play around with to see what it is like first.

CAO recommends you read the handbook which contains all information on HEI courses and application process prior to beginning an application.

An example of the application is below and can be completed in 3 easy steps.

A lot of this information you will already know so it is just a matter of clarifying anything you are ensure of with a parent/guardian.

CAO Application - Step 1 - ER&M

This part of the application is where you will place your choices for Level 8 and Level 6 & 7 courses. It is very important that you place these courses in order of preference, 1 being your first choice and working your way down. Whilst you do not have to fill in all of boxes it is worth keeping your options open and doing so.

The course codes can be found on the HEI websites or the CAO website.

Top Tip: To save time write down course codes when you are researching undergraduate courses.

CAO Application - Step 2 - ER&M

The cost of the application depends on how and when you apply. The earlier you apply the less it will cost.

Type of application Fee Closing date
Normal application (online or paper) €40 1st February
Online discounted rate €25 20th January
Late online application €50 1st May
Late paper application €80 1st May
Change of mind - 1st July

This is the final section of the application form. You will place the grades of qualifications you have received to date as well as the qualifications you are currently completing in order to attend a HEI for example GCSE results.

Please read the information available to you before completing this section as you will normally be asked to send original copies to CAO. If this is the case we recommend sending it via recorded delivery. This will ensure the documents are delivered securely and safely without getting lost on the way!

CAO Application - Step 3 - ER&M

If you are in anyway struggling with your applications, choices or anything related to applying to an undergraduate curse in the Republic of Ireland the ER&M can provide confidential advice specific to you. Simply fill out the contact form or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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