Undergraduate courses - CAO - Point System

Before applying to Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the Republic of Ireland it is worth converting your qualifications into CAO points first. This will give you a clear indication when searching for courses if you are likely to meet the minimum entry requirements points.

The conversion points are available on the website. Below is an example of some UK qualification converted into CAO points. If you are ever unclear whether your qualifications are accepted the HEI contact them directly as entry requirements will differ between each one.

Top tip: There are a number of HEI’s that have a ‘Points Calculator’ on their website that will do the work for you!

Grade A Levels AS Levels Highers BTEC Aw BTEC Cert BTEC Dip
A 120. A* = 140 60 72 D 120 DD 240 DDD 360
B 100 50 60 - DM 200 DMM 280
C 80 40 48 M 80 MM 160 MMM 240
D 60 30 42 - MP 120 MPP 160
E 40 20 - P 40 PP 80 PPP 120

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