Undergraduate courses - Europe - Application process

When applying to an educational institution in Europe it is worth looking at the individual entry requirements and how to apply as this will be different for each one you are applying for.

This section will give you a brief overview of how to apply to Holland and Germany as examples of the differences between the applications.

Applying to Holland can be compared to the UK UCAS system as there are a number of similarities.

Applications can be made via www.studileink.nl. You will have to do a Letter of Motivation to accompany this with reasons as to why you have chosen the course and would like to study there. We have worksheets under ‘Resources’ that can help you with this.

Based on your applications you will sometimes be offered an interview although this is not a requirement for the majority of courses. Depending on your circumstances you may be offered the opportunity to do an interview via Skype then invited to an open day.

The deadline for applying for courses in the Netherland varies depending on the course you are applying for. However, there is a degree of flexibility as there are a number of intakes so if you miss the first deadline you may have the opportunity to apply before the new deadline.

Average cost of a course in Holland arranges from €800- €6,000

If you require more information it is usually best to contact the educational institution directly with a bit of information about yourself.

We have composed a short email layout that you could copy, past and fill in with your own details.

Germany does not have a central applications service so you will have to apply to each one directly. Each university will have its own procedure, requirements and deadlines. When you have decided on what course you would like to study, search for the universities that offer this and find out what they require from you. If this is not available you will normally be directed to an email address for the information.

Application deadlines vary from the 15th January to 15th July. The exact date will always be listed on the website for your reference.

There are currently no fees required from students who are studying in Germany. There is however an administrative fee which will differ between each university and ranges from €150-€250. This covers the cost of administration costs, finance of cafeterias, sports areas and residential homes. It also includes the money for a semester bus ticket.

German Universities will accept qualifications that are the equivalent of their entry requirements. If you are unsure contact that university directly as again what universities accept will differ from one another.

For detailed information on all aspects of studying in Germany from the application process to enrolling click on the ‘Study in Germany’ link: www.studying-in-germany.org/

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