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For those wishing to undertake an entire degree overseas the financial situation becomes more difficult. For the majority of students they will not be automatically entitled to funding outside of their home country.

The majority of EU countries have some form of scheme which enable students to tap into other forms of funding and loans however they are not usually available to students outside of that member state. The EU states that students from other member states must be entitled to the same funding for the tuition fees however they are not obliged to make other financial assistance available unless the individual has been living in the country for at least 5 years. Some EU members will provide additional financial assistance if the student meets certain requirements.

Many students are able to self-fund by gaining part time employment in the place of study. Students with no local language skills may find this more difficult although most students will return to their ‘home’ and work during breaks to build up the funds to support themselves when studying. All students will be entitled to work where they are studying and it is always worth double checking the limitations of this before starting encase any additional information or permission is required.

There are other additional funding opportunities depending on the education institution and course being studied for example scholarships and resources. Information no these can be found on each individual website. Check the deadline for applications as soon as possible t to ensure you apply in good time. Websites that may be helpful for international and European scholarships are www.internationalscholarships.com and scholarshipportal.eu.

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