Europe - Why study in Europe?

There are over 1,300 institutions offering high quality study programs in Europe with many being taught in English. The list of undergraduate courses are endless offering it to be taught from 3-5years depending on the degree.

Many courses available are free with no fee or student contribution required. There is none or limited funding for students studying in the EU from their home university finance provider. However, many students may be eligible for funding from the finance funder of the EU country they will be studying in provided they meet the requirements. Look at the ‘Funding’ section for more information and examples.

The study opportunities available to students are much greater now in comparison to 5-10years ago. Many students are now seeing it as an opportunity to develop their skills and interests for the global market whilst experiencing a new culture.

Transport links in Rail, Air and boat are regular for international and internal flights. Other public transport such as bus, metro and cycling is much more common in EU countries and are affordable to students.

The learning style of each educational institution will differ from one another to reflect the culture and lifestyle of where you are studying. All will offer open days that we would encourage you to attend to get a feel for the campus and the journey to get there.

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