Undergraduate courses - UCAS - Application process

The UCAS application as a whole is very straight forward and self-explanatory however there are a few sections that you will want to spend a bit of time on to strengthen your application.

The application itself consists of 5 sections which are:

Personal Details

This section you will put in details such as your date of birth, home address – information that you will already know.


In this section you will place the codes of the university courses you are hoping to study.

Tip: make sure you note the course code down when you are doing your research as this will save a lot of time.

For those wishing to study medicine you may only put in four medical courses, you can use the fifth choice on a different course.

These courses do not need to be in order of preference. As your application progresses you will narrow this down to two, a firm choice and an insurance.


For this section you will need to input your previous qualifications to date as well as your predicted grades.


For this you will input any part time or full time job you currently have as well as your employment history.

Personal Statement

This section is likely to take you the longest to do as this is the part that a lot of universities will base their decision on. We have a huge amount of helpful information on how to write a strong personal statement under our Personal Statement section.

The cost of a UCAS application is £24. UCAS will send your application to all of the universities at the same time to consider your application. You can track the progress off your application once you have submitted it.

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