Undergraduate courses - UCAS - Decisions

When your application is complete you send it off to UCAS. The team at UCAS will then simultaneously forward your application to the universities you have placed in the choices sections of the form.

When this is done you can track the progress of the application online. Don’t be worried if some take slightly longer to respond than others.

The university will respond with one of the following decisions:

Conditional offer

This means the university will accept you onto the course provided you meet the conditions set out e.g. the entry requirements.

Unconditional offer

This means the university are offering you a place on the course next year. Some universities offer this to students who are yet to receive their final grades however this is more commonly associated with applicants who have already completed their qualifications.


Unfortunately this means your application for a place at the university was unsuccessful. Remember this is ok and with competitive courses it is likely as there are a large amount of applicants for a limited amount of places. Prepare yourself for this and look at other options regardless of what course you are applying for.

The date you receive a reply from the university will depend on the last date of contact from a university.

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