Where to apply? - Choosing a university

Where you study the course you would like to apply for is important. We have come up with a chart that you can follow to help you decide. We recommend that you grab a piece of paper and pen and write down the positives and negatives (if there is any) under each of the headings. Alternatively, we have done the work for you and created a worksheet called ‘Where will I study Worksheet’ (very original name – we know!) that can be downloaded and printed off to write on.

Our best advice here is to be honest with yourself on where you would be the happiest and try not to just ‘follow the crowd’. There are universities all over the world you can apply to. Our team specialises in third level education in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe and Internationally so can help introduce you to universities you may not have thought about before. For advice specific to you simply fill out the contact form.

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