Where to apply? - Open days

So you have picked the courses and the universities you would like to attend but how does it live up to your expectations?

ER&M would always recommend you visit the university you have applied to study for a number of reasons that we will explain below.

Open days will normally be held from September right through to May so will give you plenty of time to budget and arrange a visit. Some prospective students will visit before applying others will visit after they have applied.

If you are unable to attend an open day a university may be able to show you around the department and campus on a different date. Simply contact them and explain your situation.

There are a number of reasons to attend the open day:

  • They will normally be hosted by lecturers and current students with some work they have completed and showcased for you to admire and be intrigued. This means you have the opportunity to ask academic questions as well as asking current students what they think of the course and the university itself.
  • You will be able to experience the journey for yourself. You will find out first-hand how long it takes you to get to the university; how to get there; the cost and meet new people along the way.
  • For some courses you will have to attend an interview. If this is the case the university will normally combine the interview with a tour of the campus and department that you would have on an open day. The table shows courses that you would typically interview. If you are attending an interview check out our Interview section for hints and tips!
  • We will always place our best selfies up weather it takes 1 or a 100. This is the same for universities, they are going to place their best images online so it is best to go look around and check everything out for yourself.
  • You may find that it is not the physical university you fall in love with but everything that comes with it. Is it a vibrant city with lots going on, is it more rural with lots of outdoor pursuits? These are things that can only be matched with your personal preference.

We have come up with a list of questions that are worth asking at an open day. Remember this is your chance to suss out what student life will be like at that university so it is important to get as much from it as possible!

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