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Wilson's School aims to be a caring community and challenging environment in which all feel valued and have the self confidence, motivation and opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We have a shared vision for what excellence in learning for our exceptionally able boys should ‘look like’. Originally based strongly upon the Classroom Quality Standards for Gifted & Talented education, we strive to create a real passion for learning in our students and a real enthusiasm for pedagogy amongst our staff.

We are always delighted to welcome newly qualified teachers to Wilson’s. We are a progressive grammar school with a profound interest in developing teaching and learning for our exceptionally able boys. We aim to provide excellent support and development for all staff. Below is a brief description of the structure of our development programme for newly qualified teachers.

All new teaching staff at Wilson’s have a thorough induction (including school routines, policies and guidelines, as well as an introduction to the school’s teaching and learning excellence criteria and professional development programmes). This induction includes full safeguarding and child protection training.

Teaching and Learning Mentor: Professional development of all new staff is coordinated throughout the first year by an experienced Teaching & Learning Mentor; one-to-one discussions about classroom practice are planned on a fortnightly basis in tandem with developmental observation.

Head of Department: Each new member of staff will also have a named mentor who teaches the same subject (most likely the Head of Department) who is responsible for ensuring that new staff are brought up to speed with subject specific and departmental issues. This person will also ensure that their new colleagues quickly feel part of the staff common room!

Pedagogical Development: Very few new teachers to Wilson’s will have taught in such a highly selective school before and therefore we have an extensive and intensely practical in-house programme led by a wide variety of our teaching staff (including those in their second year of teaching), aimed at focusing on the challenges of teaching very able boys. These are open to all members of staff at Wilson’s and are appropriate for teachers at all stages of their career.

Additional meetings for NQTs and new staff: There are several further sessions to support new staff, for example in preparing for parents’ evenings or getting to grips with the school’s data and tracking mechanisms.


Wilson's School
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About Wilson's School

Wilson's is one of the country's most successful state-funded selective boys' schools.

Lessons engage pupils' attention with pace and challenge, enriched with all sorts of activity to extend pupils’ interests and skills far beyond the confines of the National Curriculum and examination specifications. Teachers know the boys very well and visitors often comment on the laughter, good humour and warmth that mark relationships between boys and staff.

Our expectations of boys in terms of personal achievement, academic and otherwise, and behaviour are very high. We have an excellent pastoral system that very effectively communicates our core values of respect, tolerance, courtesy, cooperation, service to the community, personal achievement and most of all, hard work. The motto of the school – Non Sibi Sed Omnibus (not for oneself, but for all) – drives all that we do.

We welcome boys from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds; over forty languages are represented in the school and all of the major religions. We regard the diversity and richness that this brings as a real strength of the school.

Be assured that no one is a guest at Wilson’s. Everyone is included.

N J Cole

Head Teacher

N J Cole